Ann Fisher-Jackson, MPA

Social Impact Strategist

Ann Fisher-Jackson, a Social Impact Strategist at Key Strategic Group, brings over a decade of consulting and nonprofit experience to her role. She collaborates closely with systems change and direct service non-profits, government entities, and grantmaking institutions, focusing on guiding them in developing strategic roadmaps and establishing accountability measures in areas like communications, equitable engagement, strategic planning, and organizational culture.

Ann’s passion for finding innovative solutions to complex challenges drives her work. She is dedicated to infusing equity and inclusivity into her strategies, drawing inspiration from community wisdom and vision to ensure alignment with people’s needs. With a strategic mindset, an unwavering commitment to equity, and a collaborative approach with communities, Ann aims to make a lasting impact, shaping a more just, prosperous, and inclusive future for organizations and society.

Ann earned her Master’s Degree in Public Administration, specializing in Organizational Psychology and Nonprofit Management, from Saint Louis University in 2012. Over the past decade, she has championed non-profits, technology start-ups, and small businesses, crafting and implementing equitable communication and growth strategies. Her versatile expertise spans strategy development, accountability building, and driving positive change across various facets, including communications, fund development, equitable engagement, strategic planning, and organizational culture. Ann’s work is guided by her unwavering commitment to advancing equity and justice, ensuring organizations she supports are well-equipped to thrive in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.





To support Cortex, Ann supported a 12-month community engagement project. The objective was to gather valuable feedback and insights, with the ultimate goal of shaping a comprehensive, long-term community strategy for Cortex. Subsequently, Ann transitioned to a role supporting the leadership team in executing the findings from the engagement process. Responsibilities included crafting an actionable plan that aligned with community aspirations, ensuring seamless execution, and fostering ongoing connections between Cortex and the community.

Deaconess Foundation

As a consultant for Deaconess Foundation, Ann played a crucial role in facilitating a transformative community engagement initiative. The focus was on co-creating a new strategic framework deeply rooted in liberation principles. Collaborating closely with community stakeholders, Ann supported the development of this framework. It not only informed the foundation’s work but also served as a guiding light for policy priorities and grantmaking strategies. This experience allowed Ann to champion equitable practices and foster meaningful change within the philanthropic sphere, ultimately driving positive impact in the lives of residents.

St. Louis County Library

As an Equity Trainer and Consultant at St. Louis County Library, Ann Fisher-Jackson delivered over 30 equity training sessions to staff, gathering valuable feedback and insights. This feedback enabled her to identify key opportunities for enhancing equity and inclusion within the organization. Ann’s contributions significantly advanced the library’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment accessible to all residents.

Anavo Strategies

Ann Fisher-Jackson founded Anavo Strategies, a strategic implementation consultancy dedicated to bridging the gap between visionary concepts and actionable strategies for emerging businesses and nonprofits. This firm is deeply rooted in community wisdom and vision, crafting customized action plans, key messaging, and accountability tools. The team’s mission is to transform dreams into tangible results, always guided by the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve.

Gladiator Consulting, St. Louis, MO

Ann assumed the role of Managing Director at Gladiator Consulting with a mission to shape a values-aligned business model and assist organizations in discovering their purpose, connecting with their stakeholders, and forging partnerships to benefit the community. During her tenure, she spearheaded the development of the organization’s business model and growth strategy while nurturing strategic alliances with over 30 partners and subject matter experts. Ann’s leadership in business development led to the identification and successful cultivation of mission-aligned clients, ultimately contributing to a 150% revenue increase with 100% client retention. Her efforts also significantly advanced equity, justice, and liberation initiatives for over 80 clients, emphasizing operationalizing equity and equitable engagement.

Recursive Labs, St. Louis, MO

As Director of Marketing at Recursive Labs, Ann’s leadership was instrumental in developing and executing strategic plans that boosted revenue growth, attracted investors, and engaged buyers. Her responsibilities encompassed strategy, analytics, lead generation, and content creation. She excelled in aligning sales and marketing, achieving a remarkable 75% increase in sales productivity through automation and software solutions. Ann’s data-driven approach led to a 40% growth in website traffic, demonstrating her commitment to driving results.

Keystone Technologies, Eureka, MO

Ann joined Keystone Technologies as Director of Marketing to establish a new department responsible for analytics, lead generation, and content strategy. Her leadership was pivotal in implementing an inbound marketing and content generation strategy tailored to the senior living and healthcare industries. Ann also oversaw precision-targeted marketing campaigns and content creation. Her strategic initiatives included managing two industry-specific websites, orchestrating an aggressive content marketing plan, and initiating integrated B2B marketing campaigns that set the stage for remarkable growth.