community engagement

Engagement rooted in the community, driven by data, and focused on impact. 

At Key Strategic Group, we are deeply committed to community-driven strategies and supporting our clients in moving down the spectrum of community engagement to ownership. We firmly believe that successful strategy and community development are only possible when it happens with and alongside community-based organizations and community members most impacted by inequity.

Key Strategic Group’s process is anchored in data-driven insights and iteration. Our engagement plans are human-centered and intentionally co-designed with and for those who are the intended recipients/beneficiaries of initiatives that impact positive social change. This collaborative approach not only fosters community trust but also enables us to co-create solutions that genuinely resonate with the communities we serve. Integration of local wisdom is central to our commitment to building lasting and impactful relationships within the communities we engage with.

at ksg, we ensure

At KSG, we strive to engage with the community by actively listening and meeting them where they are.

We believe in breaking away from the traditional approach of expecting community members to come to us. Our reputation is built on creating strong connections with the community.

In general, KSG prefaces community engagement with an extensive artifact review process and key conversations with and not limited to internal and external shared interest partners, community pop-up events, town hall meetings, open house community events, and key focus groups. Learnings from these targeted conversations are then compiled into a Community Engagement Summary and provided to the city and engaged stakeholders as appropriate. In addition, we involve community members in the engagement implementation process in ways such as (and not limited to) paid canvassing opportunities and in-home interviews.

By holding these intentional conversations, KSG ensures that the community’s voice is reflected in this work.