Community + Economic Development

Fostering equitable economic transformation through active collaboration with community leaders and residents, driving sustainable growth and shared prosperity.

At Key Strategic Group, we firmly believe that equitable economic development thrives when it stems from within the community itself. Our Community + Economic Development approach centers on meaningful engagement with community leaders and residents, co-creating strategies that lead to transformative and sustainable growth.


Through genuine collaboration, we identify opportunities and address challenges that align with the community’s vision and values. Our data-rooted insights provide a clear understanding of historical disparities and systemic barriers that need dismantling to achieve equitable progress.

At Key Strategic Group, we prioritize listening to the voices and aspirations of residents as a fundamental pillar of our community + economic development process. By elevating community members’ perspectives, we ensure that our strategies are not only responsive but also genuinely inclusive, leveraging the unique assets and strengths within the community.

Our approach to community + economic development is rooted in community leadership.

We actively foster the community’s capacity to drive positive change, supporting and encouraging community members to take charge and lead the way. Through this community-led process, we provide the necessary tools and resources for lasting impact, facilitating sustainable growth and transformation. At KSG, we believe in nurturing community leadership, instilling a sense of ownership and investment in the future residents envision for their community.