Strategic Planning + Positioning

Co-creating actionable strategies that yield the greatest impact for our clients and their communities.

At Key Strategic Group, our unwavering commitment lies in the pursuit of radical racial equity rooted in a transformative approach to strategic planning. We don’t just foster collaboration; we ignite a revolution that empowers organizations to shatter the chains of systemic oppression on their path to long-term liberation.


Our process is a dynamic whirlwind of radicalism, meticulously designed to dismantle oppressive systems tailored to liberate the unique needs and aspirations of every client we join forces with.

Our journey begins by fearlessly centering racial equity in our understanding of your organization’s mission, values, and challenges. We boldly engage directly with community members, staff, and leadership, weaving together diverse perspectives and lived expertise to ensure that the strategic planning process becomes a crucible of inclusivity, a reflection of the community’s burning priorities, and a beacon for those most ravaged by the insidious grip of systemic inequities.

Data-driven analysis and research are our revolutionary ammunition, crucial in our quest. We marshal our formidable expertise to unearth opportunities for radical growth and impact while unflinchingly confronting the barriers that the status quo erects. Yet, we never let data and analysis divorce from the intimate embrace of community insights, recognizing the priceless wisdom of local knowledge and experience in forging strategies that ignite the fires of community trust and ownership.

Our visioning sessions are not mere meetings; they are dynamic revolutions, drawing all key stakeholders, including community members, into a maelstrom of creative rebellion. With racial equity and community voices at the forefront, we craft a compelling vision of a liberated future. Our strategic goals become a roadmap to dismantling oppression, aligning with the needs and aspirations of the communities directly impacted by your organization’s work.

We champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, channeling our energy towards dismantling racial disparities and obliterating the very foundations of systemic racism.

We understand that true strategic planning necessitates the annihilation of traditional hierarchies and power dynamics, where every voice, regardless of their position, holds an equitable stake in the process.

Our strategic planning process is a never-ending uprising, an unyielding commitment to continuous learning and adaptability. We stand by your side, not only in the implementation of the plan but in the relentless monitoring of progress, ready to pivot in response to the ever-shifting tides of circumstance and the demands of the community.

At KSG, we fervently believe that the most potent strategic planning arises from the crucible of community-driven philosophies. We foster partnerships and ignite collective action while placing racial equity at the core to craft a transformative and enduring impact on your organization’s mission and vision.

Together, we forge a strategic plan that is a force for radical change, an enduring monument to long-term community liberation, with racial equity as its blazing heart.